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British expert says "this is a great danger", the UK did not move forward June 21 - Spectator

British expert says “this is a great danger”, the UK did not move forward June 21 – Spectator

The British expert says “this is a big risk” for the UK to progress from misguided expertise until June 21st

An expert on a panel of experts advising the British government considers the implementation of the clean-up program planned for June 21 in the UK to be “nonsense” and “a big risk”.

Professor Stephen Reicher told the PA news agency this Saturday that there was sufficient evidence to support any of the criteria set by the British government. Road map Restoration not completed.

Reicher is a member of the Scientific Epidemiological Intelligence Group (SPI-B), a panel of experts that analyzes infectious behavior for the UK government. The criterion in question is about the new variants and how the risk analysis may or may not change due to these new strains. According to Reicher, the new Indian variant changes all that.

“I think, at the government’s own discretion, it is clear that progress would be foolish [no desconfinamento] Based on data we do not currently have. The risk is really huge. Of course, the balance of risks is in jeopardy here, but I think opening up more than it already is is a huge risk, ”the professor said.

“Again, my point is about data, not dates. If you insist on dates, I think you are cornered. I think that’s what the British government is doing, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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