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The US and UK governments are urging people to avoid travel to Israel at this time

The US and UK governments are urging people to avoid travel to Israel at this time

The US government issued a State Department advisory today (11) asking its citizens to avoid any travel to Israel, which is embroiled in a conflict with the Hamas group. In the warning, the company is asking people to reconsider travel due to civil unrest and terrorism.

The United Kingdom advised its citizens to reconsider travel to Israel. In a statement, the Ministry of External Affairs also asked that no travel to the Palestinian Territories be permitted.

Warnings in the region

Since Saturday, Hamas has invaded Israeli territory, killing hundreds of people and taking many hostages, and the U.S. government has gradually alerted its citizens. Citizens are advised to heed what the local government warned when the first warning was issued on Monday (09).

The US government on Wednesday (11) raised the alert level in Israel to three, urging its citizens to reconsider any travel to the conflict-ridden region and recommending that everyone follow the recommendations of authorities and emergency responders.

In the West Bank, alert level 3 is in place and non-essential travel to the area is advised. The Gaza Strip, where Israeli bombardment is currently taking place, is at alert level 4, considered the highest level, which urges US citizens not to travel under any circumstances.

Destruction in Gaza (Photo: Reproduction/X/@metropoles)


The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom and member states of the Commonwealth of Nations, the British Community, issued a public notice advising citizens of the conflict zones, Israel and Gaza, to register their presence at the embassy.

The note also recommends postponing and reconsidering non-essential travel to conflict zones. Another area to avoid, Rafah, a crossroads between Gaza and Egypt and the site of Israel’s bombing raids on Wednesday (11), was also mentioned in the warning.

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Featured Image: Bombing of Gaza continues for fifth day. Reproduction/X/@Reuters