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The update allows you to share experiences in a different way!

The update allows you to share experiences in a different way!

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Now, with WhatsApp Beta, you can send short video messages of up to 60 seconds, providing an innovative way to communicate with your contacts. Keep reading to find out more!

Instant video sharing

With WhatsApp Beta video messages, you can express your feelings in a fast and fun way. Just tap the microphone button in the lower right corner and if the function is available, the icon will turn into a camera. By tapping and holding, you can record whatever you want and send it to your contacts. It’s a great way to share spontaneous and fun moments!

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Preview experience

Video messages are automatically played in a small circle when they are sent or received. If you want to zoom in on the content and hear the recorded audio, just tap on the video inside the conversation. This dynamic viewing experience makes the interaction more immersive and engaging.

News and possibilities

Video messaging functionality is an exciting addition to WhatsApp. It is currently only available on WhatsApp Beta and is gradually being released to testers. This new form of communication offers a unique way to share moments and emotions with your friends and family.

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Privacy and security

A common concern when sending video messages is privacy. However, just like regular messages, short video uploads are secured with end-to-end encryption. This ensures that your messages are private and can only be accessed by their intended recipients.

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The future of video messaging

While the video messaging functionality is still in the testing phase, it’s exciting to imagine the possibilities it could offer. Sharing instant moments, expressing emotions quickly and conveying messages in an engaging way are just some of the benefits of this new functionality.

If you are a WhatsApp Beta tester, take the opportunity to try out this new way of communicating with your contacts. Video messages are an engaging and fun way to share special moments and convey feelings instantly. Stay tuned for WhatsApp updates to see what’s coming!

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