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Xbox Series X |  S and Xbox One: console sales appear to have been revealed by Microsoft Brasil

Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One: console sales appear to have been revealed by Microsoft Brasil

During the BIG Festival in Brazil, a major event dedicated to video games in South America, Microsoft’s slide may have revealed the sales of Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, although we still cannot talk about a real official announcement, in d according to company policy to avoid explicit communication of such statements.

Based on what was reported in the slide in question, which was shot by someone present at the Brazilian BIG Festival and reported by John Welfare’s Twitter account, it appears that Xbox Series X | S exceeds 21 million of units sold so far. Another interesting fact is the total sales of Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, which would have exceeded 79 million.

Looking at the above data about next generation consoles, this also tells us that Xbox One has sold over 58 million unitswhich is more than previously thought at this point.

Since the beginning of the Xbox One generation, Microsoft has stopped providing accurate information on the number of consoles sold, and has limited itself to reporting the financial data these reports require to the company.

This forces us to look elsewhere for sources that can provide details about Microsoft devices, but reliable ones are not easy to find. In this case, the information appears to come from Microsoft itself, although the authenticity of the image is questionable.

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If the data is confirmed, the Xbox Series X | S would have sold about half of the PS5, given that the latest official data of the latter spoke of 38.4 million, but it was updated to last March. Considering the smaller spread of Microsoft’s consoles in many countries and also the problems that the company encountered in production, with hardware also obviously replaced to build servers for Cloud Xbox, it does not seem like a negative number, but it is to see how it will continue in the next period.

Another piece of information that the photo provides is also the fact that it is 48% of Xbox Series S users You’ve never owned an Xbox before, which shows how this is probably the best option for anyone looking to get into the Xbox world for the first time.