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Know it all!  Instagram versions work to see the activities of friends

Know it all! Instagram versions work to see the activities of friends

In recent days, Facebook and Instagram have released their verification badge subscription service, Meta Verified. Now, for BRL 55, users can purchase the blue token, which is very common among celebrities, confirming that the account is real, and sometimes related in some way. But that wasn’t the only news released in the month!

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Last Tuesday, the 27th, Instagram released another post. This time, never seen before to request And designed to be able to view the activities of friends. By clicking on the “View Shared Activity” option, it is possible to see all interactions between two network users. Check out more details throughout the text.

The novelty works as follows: by clicking on the option, users will be able to monitor a series of activities, including tags, likes and comments made with the user. The feature lets you see when a person started following another, with the data covering the follow-up history.

In the Interactions pane, everything is organized by each user.

As the information from the TecMundo portal indicates, this feature was already available on Facebook. Now, it has been extended to Instagram. Another important point to highlight is that the functionality is not the same as the “follow” mechanism, which is no longer part of the platform’s features since 2019.

The resource in question allows you to check a file interactions From your profile with another user. Followers’ activities cannot be seen with other profiles, i.e. the interaction that needs to be seen is between you and the other person.

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How do you use this function on Instagram?

To view shared activity information, you must visit the profile of the person for whom you want to analyze this data. Next, you need to click on the three dots icon displayed at the top of the screen, in the upper right corner. In this way, you will see a menu with the option to “View Shared Activity”.

The next step is to define this alternative, as such platform A new page will load with all the information. Right at the beginning of the page, it will be indicated when the users decided to follow each other and the details of the tags, likes and comments they made to each other.