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The UK removes most of the restrictions

The UK removes most of the restrictions

The UK will lift most of the restrictions imposed on the fight against Govt-19 early next week.

From 19 July the British government made it clear that wearing masks was not mandatory in closed spaces, social distances, and in bars and clubs.

Despite the growing number of new epidemics in the country, the British Prime Minister believes this is the best time.

“We also know that if this fourth phase is postponed now, for example, in or after September, the weather will cool down and we will reopen as the virus gets more natural benefits by returning to school.”

On the other side of the English Channel, the French president announced that digital vaccination certificates will be used to enter restaurants, bars, theaters and theaters as of next week.

Emmanuel Macron also announced that from September 15, vaccination will be mandatory for professionals working with vulnerable individuals in hospitals and homes.

An action to be taken in Greece as well. Greek Prime Minister Griagos Mitsotakis has announced that all health professionals will have to vaccinate themselves with the Govit-19 vaccine by September.

To prevent the spread of the delta variant, the Mitsotakis-led executive wants to vaccinate domestic workers.

“It is imperative that geriatric care workers, who are the most vulnerable group, be vaccinated immediately. Those who do not do so will be suspended from August 16.” Until September 1, the mandatory vaccination will apply to health workers in both the public and private sectors. “

But this is not all bad news. From this Friday until the end of August, the interiors of bars, restaurants, discos, cinemas and theaters will be open, as long as customers are seated, inside and on the terraces. However, entry will be allowed only to persons who can certify that they have been vaccinated.

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