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Australia beats United States to lose 2nd place in a row before Tokyo |  Olympics

Australia beats United States to lose 2nd place in a row before Tokyo | Olympics

If you can continue to use this word, Zebra is still browsing through Las Vegas. The United States defeated Australia 91-83 on Monday, after suffering a setback at the hands of Nigeria on Saturday in friendly preparations for the Olympics.

There were changes in the opening quintet in the United States. Damien Lillard, Bradley Peel, Jason Todd, Kevin Durant and Pam Adebayo started playing in the defeats against Nigeria. Greg Popovich made two changes: Jeremy Grant replacing Totem and Dremond Green replacing Adebayo.

However, the results were the same. The United States team suffered from extreme Australian defenses and the clear superiority of the opponent’s chemistry. Grandma Mills, The point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, was again in the Australian position and conceded 22 points, many of which were decisive in the last quarter.

Grandma Mills – Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The match started like a private fight between Damien Lillard and Joe Ingles. The Portland Trail Blazers point guard had 11 points in the first quarter, against Joe Ingles’ nine, with six three-pointers between the two. Ten minutes after the start the score for the United States was 27-24.

Australia returned with reinforced defense in the second half. The position of the spectators was very aggressive, putting pressure on the returning American players to emphasize only the long shots. Australia returned to the game with 1:07 and won 69-64 in the third quarter.

The last quarter lost all friendly air and gained the intensity of the playoff game. Kevin Torrent set aside the “Point Guard” page in the opening 30 minutes and began searching the basket further. With 4:35 the United States regained the lead, but Australia were unhindered and responded shortly after.

Typhoon with Grant’s Stup Up – Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Back on the scoreboard, the United States players seemed to be approaching the weight of the 2nd defeat in a row, making a number of mistakes. Australia, on the other hand, was fully operational under the leadership of Grandma Mills. In the end, the Australian won: 91 to 83.

19th – USA x Argentina
22:30 – Australia x Nigeria

7pm – USA x Australia

Note: Brasilia Time