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UK lease with changes already in force

UK lease with changes already in force

Oh The right to rent a house in the UK For citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) Now has new changes. According to Knight Frank, an international real estate consultant, from July 1, the requirements related to this Leasing rights for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens have changed. So, from the beginning of this month, all tenants who want to rent a house in the UK will have to do so Prove that they are entitled to the lease.

To this end, according to a real estate consultant, an EEA citizen who now lives in the UK, To obtain immigration status To obtain ‘permanent residence status’ (permanent lease right) or ‘pre-immigration’ (limited lease time) under the EU cash flow regime.

Confirmation by letter will be given to the EEA citizen who has been granted one of the above conditions. However, the letter could not be used to confirm title to the lease, Knight Frank notes. To get this certificate, you need to go British Government Website Follow the steps indicated.

One of the changes that has been in effect since the beginning of this month, in the right to lease Accepting a person with an EEA passport is no longer optional. In that case, the tenants must provide the documents mentioned in the list Acceptable documents As mentioned above the government if they have not yet been granted immigration status.

According to Knight Frank, if a person’s application is processed by the Home Office, they can verify their right to the lease status Landlord Testing Service (Landlord Verification Service, when translated into Portuguese).

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Keep in mind that all landowners in the UK should check whether the new tenants have more rights than the lease before starting a new lease.

For EEA citizens who want to rent a house in the UK and have a biometric passport to enter the UK through electronic gates, You can use a combination of your passport and proof of travel Prove your ownership of the lease. However, this will be for a limited time, i.e. Knight Frank explains that they must have arrived in the UK within the last six months.

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