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The UK has produced a secret document on Trump's return to the US presidency

The UK has produced a secret document on Trump's return to the US presidency

By reducing their global influence, the British fear geopolitical vulnerability

Former President of the United States Donald Trump – 04/27/2023

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247 – The United Kingdom is preparing a secret document on the potential consequences of Donald Trump's return to the US presidency. The document, led by the Foreign Office, will include information on the potential effects on the British economic, geopolitical and domestic political spheres. Sputnik informs the company.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Opposition Leader Keir Starmer appear to be avoiding commenting on the US presidential election to avoid taking sides on foreign political issues. To date, the only British politician to have spoken in the US elections is Liz Truss, a former prime minister between September and October 2022 who expressed her support for the Republican candidate.

According to information from the portal, there is concern among British politicians that a possible Trump victory in November could have significant implications for global geopolitics, which would directly affect the United Kingdom. The diplomats were assigned to gather information on Trump's latest positions on issues of concern to the country, including the Ukraine crisis, the situation in the Middle East and international trade agreements. Dame Karen Pearce, the UK's ambassador to Washington, is seen as a key partner in the process, with Britain working closely with NATO and the UN.

Former senior diplomats have stressed the need for the British government to develop “contingency plans” to protect itself from potential risks associated with Trump's re-election. The report highlighted the British Foreign Office's regret that it had not adequately prepared itself for Trump's victory in 2016 and highlighted the ministry's sensitivity to potential offenses against the former president's campaign.

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