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The United States is trying to protect the immigration protection process

The United States is trying to protect the immigration protection process

The Biden administration’s approach to blocking immigration to the United States sparked heated debate within the administration – (Photo: REUTERS / Daniel Becerril)

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The government of President Joe Biden was renewed on Monday-27 in an attempt to protect the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who were brought to the United States as so-called “dreamers” children in the latest maneuver of the legal drama of this policy. The White House has proposed a rejection of President Obama’s plan to protect immigrants after a judge outlawed it. Biden suggests a definitive legal solution to this problem.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report, which was consulted 60 days prior to adoption, seeks to protect and strengthen the plan for deferred action in childhood (Daca, its acronym in English). About 600,000 people, mostly from Mexico, have been deported.

Two months ago, Texas federal judge Andrew Hann ruled that Obama had violated his authority when he founded Dhaka in 2012, saying only Congress had power over immigration issues. He also pointed out the problems in implementing the plan. The decision, dated July 16, maintained benefits for dreamers but prevented the application of new applicants.

The Biden government, which appealed against the decision, said the proposed regulation was an important step in protecting “dreamers” and recognizing their contributions to the country, but stressed the need for a firm legislative solution. “Only Congress can provide permanent protection,” said DHS Secretary Alejandro Myorgas, urging lawmakers to pass a resolution quickly.

Dhaka was a decree issued by Obama at the time when legislation to promote progress, relief and education (dream law) for foreign minors was not passed in Congress in 2010 and was later dominated by Republicans. The English abbreviation for this law is derived from the word “dreamer” (dreamers, in Portuguese).

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In 2017, then-Republican leader Donald Trump sought to end Dhaka, claiming it was unconstitutional and sparking a lengthy court battle that ended in the Supreme Court. Dhaka escaped gradual removal efforts and was re-employed last December.

The rule, announced yesterday by the Biden administration, which was Obama’s vice president, introduces changes, including new costs, to Dhaka’s application process. But it maintains the terms of the original plan, which protects it from deportation and provides a two-year work visa subject to renewal.

To be supported by Dhaka, undocumented immigrants taken as children must have resided in the United States since 2007 and arrived in the country before the age of 16. In addition, they must be a graduate, graduate or veteran of the Armed Forces and cannot be prosecuted for a crime among other requirements.

As of June 30, approximately 600,000 people were protected by Dhaka, with the majority coming from Mexico (81%), El Salvador (4%), Guatemala (3%) and Honduras (2%). However, it is estimated that the number of eligible “dreamers” in Dhaka, which is part of the estimated population of nearly 11 million illegal immigrants in the country, will reach about 2 million.

In an effort to implement the plan through formal regulation – which is a tougher process than the original law, although not yet legal – the Biden government hopes to obtain a legal seal of approval from the courts. Until Congress first acts, the case will again be decided by the Supreme Court.

The Biden administration’s decision comes as Democrats seek to include immigration arrangements in a 10-year package and $ 3.5 trillion in social and environmental initiatives.

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The language in this bill is to help millions of immigrants stay permanently in the United States, which is the main goal of progressive and pro-immigration lawmakers. However, Democrats will not lose many votes because they have a tight majority in the House of Representatives.