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The UK government wants to prevent the cancellation of the London Sphere;  understand

The UK government wants to prevent the cancellation of the London Sphere; understand

As of 2018, there are plans to create a second Sphere unit, which debuted with a U2 concert in Las Vegas; The public pointed out the problems in this work

With an introduction SphereIn Las Vegas, United States, a tech concert and event venue with the world’s largest LED screen, plans emerged to build a second unit in London, United Kingdom, but the mayor, Sadiq Khan, placed on the shelf. However, according to reports stableThe country’s government wants to push for work to happen.

Plans for that Sphere Including capacity for 21,500 people, the team behind it is similar to the one in Las Vegas: Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. (M.S.G) project, if completed, will become the UK’s largest music venue.

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In November 2023, the Mayor of London blocked the plan, justifying the decision by the “unacceptable negative impact” on residents. Residents of the area Sphere Concerned about strains on local infrastructure and health risks.

Also, Environment Committee London Assembly It warned of unacceptable levels of light being produced on site – the final product is expected to have around 1 million LED bulbs on the exterior. as stable Vice Chancellor said Michael Cove He ordered a six-week break while he considers appealing the president’s decision Room.

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Department of Cove Works to instruct Con Planning proposals should not be rejected by a letter to London Heritage Development Corporation. It will ask Chairman of the Council Under section 77, “to consider whether to order Urban and Rural Planning ActThe request should be forwarded to him for decision.”

oh State Secretary Prohibits Local Planning Authority The mayor’s Nov. 20 order to deny the permit should be enforced.