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The scientist got a R$1 million question wrong in a panel on Sunday, but was cheered on by the audience and Luciano Huck

The scientist got a R$1 million question wrong in a panel on Sunday, but was cheered on by the audience and Luciano Huck


Arthur Abrantes’ episode on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” was not only a lesson in courage, but also proof that with dedication and determination, it is possible to overcome challenges.

Arthur Abrantes got the million real question wrong in Domingo – Photo: Globo

Mineiro got the question wrong about cities

In this Sunday’s episode (5) of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”Presented by Luciano Hack (Domingo in Minas Gerais). Arthur Abrantes He won the hearts of viewers when he reached the question of one million Brazilian reals, the maximum prize in the picture. Despite not getting the correct answer, Arthur was welcomed with R$300,000 and an inspiring message.

Luciano Hack warmly praised Arthur and called him “The bravest, craziest, most genius man.” That you have met before. The broadcaster confirmed that Arthur represents Brazil, which he is proud of.

Minero loses the millionth question – Source: YouTube

The question worthy of the million riyal prize is which cities whose founding date is linked to April 21. Without knowing the answer, Arthur asked the audience for helpwhich pointed to Brasilia and Roma as alternatives.

In turn, Arthur chose Brasilia and Barcelona, ​​but the correct answer was Brasilia and Rome. The error did not diminish the brilliance of Arthur’s achievement, and the audience and Luciano Huck himself gave the world a standing ovation.

A scientist leaves a message of inspiration

Arthur Abrantes’ career has already witnessed pioneering achievements, as he was the first black Brazilian to graduate from the famous Harvard University in the United States.

Luciano Haque en Domingão – Photo: Globo

Arthur is currently working as an employee at a startup in Los Angeles, California. Now, with the money he received from the program, he plans to open his own business in the area.

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In his letter to overcome this problem, Arthur highlighted the following: “The message is: Take the first step. People who come from the countryside, from public schools, have a tendency not to believe in themselves. Use me as a reference. You have to study and work. It’s not magic. I’ve studied more than 9,000 facts. If only that were the case in Last year, I would have been embarrassed. It’s work and continuing to believe in yourself.

What do netizens say?

Public reaction to the result in Domingo – Image: Twitter

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