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How does an actor play someone completely different?

How does an actor play someone completely different?

Tom Hanks Considered one of the coolest actors in Hollywood, he is even known as “Mr. Nice Guy,” which is something like “Mr. Nice Guy” in the free translation into Portuguese. With journalists, the actor is very friendly and adamant about being nice (I’ve interviewed him twice myself, and in both, the actor acted like we’d been friends for years, always having a chat before interviews).

This positive celebrity, however, can lead to weirdness when playing characters who aren’t “nice”. Such is the case of The Worst Neighbor in the World, a feature film directed by Mark Foster (“007: Quantum of Solace”) that follows the story of Otto, an angry man who harasses the people around him, when he becomes a widower and decides to end his life.

In an interview with splashHanks explains not understanding Otto as an “angry” person, but rather as someone with a “very strong sense of right and wrong”.

“He wants things to go by the rules and the biggest rule is common sense.” Why park your car there? Don’t you understand that you can’t stand there? The rules are very clear. You can’t stand there. why are you here parking there? I think that all the time, me and me.”

For him, who is “one of the nicest guys in Hollywood,” it wasn’t “a colossal effort.” “Maybe, in the body language of asking the question, maybe that way, the performance requires a little more than that. But sensitivity is something I’m aware of.”

The Worst Neighbor in the World is an American remake of a Swedish feature and Tom Hanks thinks its US setting makes more sense because people, one way or another, identify with the character.

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He joked, “So follow my rules, because if everyone asked me, if everyone did what I say, everything would be fine. Everyone feels that way at some point, right?”.