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An actress resigns before completing filming for the second season

An actress resigns before completing filming for the second season

Thora Birch was cast in the role of Tamara Novak and filmed “a significant portion” of scenes with her. The character’s future in Wandinha has yet to be announced.

Currently stopped due to the actors’ strike HollywoodSeason two of Wandinhaone of the most successful series on Netflix In recent years, it has suffered a decline in its cast of prominent figures.

According to information received from Delivery time, Thora Birchwhich would explain Tamara Novakhousing supervisor who Wandinha Adams (Jenna Ortega) live, she resigned before completing her second year participation.

Thora Birch (Photo: Fraser Harrison/Getty Images)

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To the site, representative MGM Talk about advertising. “Thora “He returned to the United States to deal with a personal matter and will not return to the production.” Delivery time She mentioned how the actress had to return home to take care of a sick relative. Plus, she would have finished most of the scenes.

However, it is not yet known whether Birch He will actually appear in the second season of WandinhaThe character could be recast with another actress. Another alternative is for the producers to choose another character to end the plot with involvement Tamara Novak.

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