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The richest man in Brazil seeks 0 million for startups

The richest man in Brazil seeks $500 million for startups

At the age of 41, a native of São Paulo Edward Saverin He surpassed the Safra family and became the richest person in Brazil. The origin of the estimated wealth of $17.6 billion is in Egypt Campus From Harvard University: there he created, together with Mark Zuckerberg, a dossier Facebook. according to ForbesWhich makes him a member of the club of 100 richest people in the world.

Saverin and his director, B Capital Groupis in talks to raise $500 million to invest in startup companiesespecially in financial technology that it startup companies technology. AB Capital Group wants to create a new investment fund in startup companies At an early stage, calls early stage.


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Saverin is reclusive, gives interviews rare, but in January he gave an offer that, yes, he could invest in. startup companies. “History has shown that volatile times provide fertile ground for new ideas and revolutionary innovations,” he said.

Attention comes at a very difficult time for startup companies Technology companies: There are difficulties in collecting more resources, a wave of layoffs, and even the collapse of the largest bank in Egypt. startup companiesSVB, and based California.

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