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Musk is no longer the CEO of Twitter

Musk is no longer the CEO of Twitter

Billionaire Elon Musk is no longer the CEO of Twitter. The departure from the position was officially announced this Tuesday morning, 6, when Linda Iaccarinowho was chosen to replace him, shared a message on his social network account confirming the change.

Yaccarino wrote on the social network: “It happened – the first day!”


a The original plan only expected Musk to step down Twitter CEO around June 22nd, because on May 11th he announced that the CEO will start in six weeks.

The new CEO will focus on leading Twitter’s operations, and Musk will be at the forefront of designing the platform as well as developing new technologies.

Yaccarino is the former head of publicity for NBCUniversal. It acquired Twitter as the social media platform attempts to reverse a decline in ad revenue.

Musk, who served as CEO after buying the company for $44 billion last October, said Yaccarino will help build “an app for everything.”

Musk has always wanted to step down

On December 20 last year, the entrepreneur said he would step down as CEO of the platform when he found a replacement.

At the time, the billionaire created a Twitter poll to find out what users thought about him continuing as CEO of the company. About 57% of the 17 million poll respondents voted in favor of Musk leaving.

“I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job!” Musk tweeted, Before he added that he would only continue the programming teams and servers of the social network.

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Musk has owned Twitter since October 27th. Since then, he has stoked many controversies as CEO: He fired half the company’s staff, reactivated accounts banned in the previous administration, suspended the files of left-wing journalists and tried to charge for services that were free.

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