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The report says that video platforms are children’s favorites

The report says that video platforms are children’s favorites

Increasingly, most of the children who are connected to the Internet mainly consume audiovisual content on video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. The most accessed channels are those that aim to entertain children, such as storytelling, cartoon songs, and children’s videos.

according to A report is comingThat gathered this information, as content creation for children increases, so does exposure time to screens and those responsible for children’s presence in the digital world worry about it. In Brazil, 39% of parents are “very concerned” about their children’s access to the Internet Compared to 11% of UK officials.
In the country, 95% of the public between the ages of 9 and 17 go online every day. Average screen time has also increased in recent years, reaching nearly 5 hours per day for children ages 10 to 12. The most used applications are those that contain video content. According to the report, kids access TikTok for 91 minutes per day. YouTube is used by 67% of children.

The expectation, according to data from online parental control app Qustodio, is that major social networks will launch Children’s versions with content restrictions by age groupas it already is with YouTube Kids and Messenger Kids.

According to the report, this demand is part of the growth in access caused by the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, when many children and adolescents needed to stay at home and, accordingly, devote more time to the Internet, on tablets. and smartphones. During this period, Instagram and TikTok were the social networks that gained the most number of new users. YouTube has also generated thousands of hits on children’s channels. Jointly, the three platforms host audiovisual content.

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Main content accessible by children

J’s report found that, Of the top 10 biggest YouTube channels in Brazil, five are dedicated to children. Together, they add up to over 96 billion views. International channels with Portuguese-language content aimed at early childhood with music and games for children are the most used on the platform, with brands exceeding 7 billion views.

Content created by children featuring everyday life, games, challenges and funny stories with family members is the second most accessed content. Soon, 2D animations of children’s stories like “Three Little Pigs,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Ugly Duckling” became channels of great scenery. Then there are animated videos about Brazilian mythology and educational content created by educators for students and peers.

The report’s conclusion indicates that this data needs to be analyzed for reflection Possibilities of a responsible internet in creating content for children. According to the text, videos should be tools to disseminate interesting and educational information so that children have access to “interesting content that allows Think critically, produce content creatively, think about important issues and not just reproduce content“.

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