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Ed Sheeran surprises fans by performing on the New York subway

Ed Sheeran surprises fans by performing on the New York subway

Ed Sheeran, who is touring the United States, surprised a fan from New York. British singer who just released his latest album titled “subtract or discount”holds a marathon of presentations that started in Kings TheatreA famous house Offers It is located in Brooklyn, New York. During a city tour jukebox Mike Youngwho is 62, has caught the attention of the star.

Ed Sheeran surprises a fan who was singing one of his songs on the New York subway (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram_heartradio)

According to information in the English tabloid daily MailThe man was surprised by the presence of Sheeran last Monday (10/03) when he was filming some videos while he was singing. “eyes closed”, the star’s latest single. Young, who is a well-known figure in the area, has participated in many talent shows, such as God’s gift. Overjoyed, Ed Sheeran sang alongside the talented musician: “you just made my day”Young said while offering tickets to the famous singer’s concert.

Owner of several songs such as “form you“,”I’m not interested“and newer”, closed eyesSheeran made his sixth studio act in March, and in partnership with Disney Branded Channel, the star will also release a behind-the-scenes reveal documentary about his personal routines, which fans haven’t had access to, and his performances.

“I’ve always been very protective of my personal and private life. The only documentary I’ve made that focuses on songwriting.”Sheeran said. “Disney approached me to do a four-episode docuseries and I felt it was the right time to open the doors and let people in. I hope everyone likes it.” The composer is of Irish descent.

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despite of Subtract or discount Already available on music platforms, and with concerts scheduled in some cities in the US and European countries, the official launch will take place on May 5 this year. Thus generating a lot of expectations from fans around the world.

Featured image: Ed Sheeran during a performance at the 2022 BRIT Awards (Image: Getty Images)