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The referee explains why Gabigol was sent off

The referee explains why Gabigol was sent off

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Gabigol was sent off in the final half of the classic match between Flamengo and Fluminense at the Maracanã

Flamengo draws 1-1 Fluminense This Saturday (11) is still a topic. This is because in the final part of the classic match, referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio sent off Gabigol, who was angry at the penalty. So, in short, the referee of the Maracanã match explained why player No. 10 was sent off with a red card.

After the final whistle of El Clasico, Wilton Pereira Sampaio reported that Gabigol’s expulsion was due to the striker “Performing offensive and offensive actions when confronting an opponent.”. Furthermore, the referee reported that even after the match had ended, Flamengo’s No. 10 again questioned the penalty with the following statement: I want to know why you fired me?”

See summary:

“Because you carried out an offensive and abusive act when confronting your opponent No. 33, Mr. Marcilio Florencio, he assaulted his son and struck him with a strong blow, which led to a conflict between them and the players of the two teams, which was immediately brought under control. The aforementioned incident occurred when the match was stopped after a foul was called.” For the benefit of the visiting team.

It is worth noting that after the end of the match, the aforementioned player entered the field of play and met the refereeing team, repeatedly repeating the following words: “I want to know why you kicked me out,” and he was handcuffed with his fist. His teammates and remove them from the field.

Understand the offer

In the 50th minute of the second half, Gabigol committed a foul on Nino, who did not like the intervention. In this way the defender Fluminense He got up from the field and went to meet the Flamengo striker. However, even as the opposition defender attacked Gabi, the derby referee chose to send them off. The Florida athlete even took to social media to ask what happened.

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Flamengo is without Gabigol in the next match

With the expulsion, Gabigol is out of Flamengo’s next commitment this season. Therefore, coach Tite will not have the striker in the match against Red Bull Bragantino, next November 23, in a match postponed to the 30th round of the Brazilian League. The match will take place at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), at the Maracana Stadium. Hey Column, noAs usual, the largest number of Red and Black broadcasts are broadcast on the Internet, on YouTube.

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