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Grêmio fans dream of double Felipão + Tiago Nunes

Grêmio fans dream of double Felipão + Tiago Nunes

Grêmio praises Renato Portaluppi after resigning

Grêmio fans dream of double Felipão + Tiago Nunes

Through a meeting, board members and President Romildo Bolzan decided that changing the technical committee would be difficult, but necessary, especially to preserve the image of the greatest idol in the history of trichromatic gaucho.

At the moment, the “void” left by coach Renato Portalupe’s departure from Gremista’s squad is too big. However, there is a name that could fill that gap: the appointment of Luis Felipe Scolari as football manager. With extensive soccer experience and club recognition, Felipão is a character who understands the meaning of what Grêmio stands for to his fans.

On social media, given the impending hiring of coach Thiago Nunes to replace Renato, Grêmio fans have expressed a desire to envision a partnership between Luiz Felipe Scolari, interest in the most bureaucratic part and Tiago Neves is the leader in the Gremista pillbox. A collaboration between a fan icon, along with the budding coach, should ease the pressure and could pay good dividends for Grêmio’s future.

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Photos: César Greco / Palmeiras and Marcos Riboli / Globo Sport

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