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The 17-year-old striker impresses Dorival and should get chances in the final stage of Sao Paulo |  Sao Paulo

The 17-year-old striker impresses Dorival and should get chances in the final stage of Sao Paulo | Sao Paulo

Feeling base Sao Paulo This season it’s Ryan Francisco, who has scored nearly 50 goals. But the person who really caught Dorival Junior’s attention was another striker who plays alongside Ryan in the Under-17s.

This is William Gomez, 17 years old, who pleased the coach with his performance in the category matches. While the professional has problems in attack during the confrontation against Santos, this Sunday, at 6:30 p.m., Dorival did not hesitate: he mentioned the young man for the first time.

Sao Paulo goal! Willian Gomez penetrates the Flamengo defense and scores a beautiful goal in the 6th minute

With five matches remaining until the end of the Brazilian tournament, the coach will be keeping a close eye on the boy and he should get some chances for next season.

William Gomez is characterized by skill and impeccable finishing. For two years now, the boy has been one of the club’s sensations. In 2022, for example, he scored 14 goals in 31 matches. This year there are already 13 goals in 39 matches.

Dorival speaks to William Gomez and Caio Mateus – Photo: Disclosure

Good performances earned William a move to the under-20s at the beginning of November. Soon he scored two goals against Ferroviaria, in the Paulista Championship category, and attracted more attention from Dorival, who began to praise him in Barra Funda.

William Gomez celebrates Sao Paulo’s goal against Flamengo – Photo: Rubens Cherry/Sao Paulo FC

To avoid losing the gem, Sao Paulo He signed a three-year contract with William Gomez in March. Your contract with the club runs until February 28, 2026.

The idea is that in the 2024 pre-season, the boy will be with the main group in Barra Funda CT for some training. But it is not certain that he will stay with the team all year.

The club does not intend to skip steps and will leave all decisions to Dorival Junior.

Sao Paulo goal! Willian Gomez receives the ball on the edge of the penalty area and hits it into the goal in the 30th minute of the first quarter

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