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The psychiatric hospital Casa Santa María will close its activities – Gerais

The psychiatric hospital Casa Santa María will close its activities – Gerais

One of the most traditional psychiatric hospitals in Belo Horizonte will close its doors. The Casa de Saúde Santa Maria Psychiatric Care Center, located on Avenida do Contorno, Bairro Trabalhadores, will close its activities in the second half of this year.

Founded in 1947, the hospital has been in the field of mental health care for more than 70 years. According to the foundation’s website, the goal of the therapeutic team at Casa de Saúde Santa Maria is the recovery and social and family integration of its patients.

a report Minas state A source in coordination with the hospital confirmed that the doors will be closed. According to the information, the service providers are notified and the center is preparing to close its activities.

The Union of Employees in the Establishment of Health Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Region (Sindeess) reports that, so far, complaints about the closure of Casa de Saúde Santa Maria have been received only through workers associated with the union, having not received any notification from the mental hospital itself.

Also according to the information provided, a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon (6/27) between the syndicate and the hospital to clarify the closure.

negative reviews

Although the reason for the closure was not disclosed, it is possible that you will come across many negative reviews on the Casa de Saúde Santa Maria Hospital’s Google page. With an average rating of 2.8 stars, the main complaints regarding the establishment are related to the service, structure, and food that the place offers.

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One woman even revealed in a complaint that she feared the aggression some patients experienced. “People with very serious psychological problems have access to the rooms of other patients who treat milder conditions. My aunt was afraid to fall asleep and be attacked!”, she says in her assessment.

“I gave 1 star because there is no way to give zero or negative stars. I was actually hospitalized on this muquifo due to overexertion. From what I’ve seen, their strategy is to make the hospitalization experience so bad that you never want to go back,” notes another complaint. .

In the evaluation comments, Casa de Saúde Santa Maria reaffirms its commitment to providing excellent solutions and services to patients and to strictly adhere to the required clinical protocols, in addition to providing communication channels for registering complaints and opinions.

The report was requested from Casa de Said Santa Maria, but as of the time of its publication, it had not returned.