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The passenger doesn't know how to fly, he lands the plane after the captain gets sick

The passenger doesn’t know how to fly, he lands the plane after the captain gets sick

Without any flying experience, a traveler on a . can airplane The plane successfully landed on Floridawe we (See the video below). The case occurred on Tuesday afternoon (10/5) after the pilot was exposed to a medical emergency.

According to WPBF-TV, Incredible feat of flying At Palm Beach International Airport. on board Cessna Caravanthe passenger was able to contact air traffic control at Fort Pierce.

“I have a dangerous situation here. My pilot has become incoherent. I have no idea how to fly the plane,” he told the observers, Who asked what position he was in.

“I have no idea,” said the passenger. “I can see the Florida coast in front of me. And I have no idea.”

Then air traffic controllers asked the passenger to keep the plane’s wings level and try to head north or south toward the coast while trying to locate the plane.

radio help

Four minutes passed while the passenger was trying to figure out what to do, When observers finally spotted him on radarabout 40 kilometers north of Palm Beach, on the coast of Boca Raton.

From there, air traffic control radio directed the man to the ground, in what was considered a safe and stable landing, according to the station.

“I just watched some passengers land on that plane”an observer reportedly said over the radio as the horrific saga ended.

Another person was heard asking, “Did you say the passengers landed?”

The observer replied, “That’s right.”

“Oh my God. The other person said.

Unknown hero

Neither the name of the hero passenger nor the condition of the sick pilot have been released.

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With a height of 11.6 meters, the aircraft has a speed of 340 kilometers per hour, a capacity of 14 people and a wingspan of 15 meters, according to Cessna.