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The official ChatGPT app arrives in Brazil!

The official ChatGPT app arrives in Brazil!

A week after the official launch chat In the United States only Get Brazil! Now, we can download and use the popular generative AI system on the iPhone, which is much more practical than accessing the service’s web interface to talk to the bot.

OpenAI – the developer of the technology behind ChatGPT, GPT-4 – ensures that the iOS app has the same features as it does Web version. This includes access to features such as: Service Subscription and the hissthe company’s speech recognition system.

in Open AI

Compatible with iPhones

Issuance 1.2023.23 (16.3 MB)
Requires iOS 16.1 or superior

The app is ad-free and syncs your search/chat history across all devices. It should win an app for Android devices and it will reach more countries (earlier today, for example, It landed on 11 more Besides Brazil, there are now more than 30), as part of the expansion process.

It should be noted that other options developed from ChatGPT that have other features added are still available in the App Store. Among the options we’ve already shown here is the puzzling, which shows the sources of information displayed, which is very important and lacking in the OpenAI system.

advice from Alexander Domingos