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Complete surprise, ChatGPT made its way to WhatsApp and Brazilians were left speechless

Complete surprise, ChatGPT made its way to WhatsApp and Brazilians were left speechless

One of the news Brazilians have been waiting for: Now you can use ChatGPT on WhatsApp. Two very important tools for routine conversations and even business management, now they will add their benefits.

So, we leave you a complete post to help you understand how ChatGPT works on WhatsApp and the first steps to use it. Take the chance to check it out to the end and see how AI can make your life simpler.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence program for producing written content. Created in 2022, it is a virtual assistant that works in the format of a chatbot. With this, you can perform various kinds of tasks online, without having to put in much effort.

So, from that story you want to tell, to the official job offer, the tool can do it while leaving it completely patched. In this way, it works through a platform through the website or mobile application, which can be accessed from anywhere.

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has spread on the Internet for being a very functional and very functional tool. In addition, there are other benefits you can bring to your day to day, your company, or even the recruitment and selection of new employees, check out:

  • ease of use and intuitive platform;
  • improved communication with artificial intelligence;
  • assistance in corporate management;
  • great possibility of customization;
  • Variety of content for distribution.

Anyway, a chatbot has different and interesting kinds of advantages, which is why it has become so popular. Now, imagine ChatGPT on WhatsApp? In this way, it is possible to make routine conversations more dynamic and with excellent optimization.

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How to use ChatGPT?

The chatbot’s interaction system is very simple: just ask for content and it will write it for you. However, it is important to be as clear as possible in your request, so that the AI ​​can meet your expectations.

For example, suppose you need a job introduction letter. So, just use the chat and write: “Write an application for a vacancy for a cook of 100 words in an official way.”

Then, the chat will identify the contents you have recorded in its algorithms, and send you a presentation exactly as you requested. Also, you can order as many versions as you want, until you find the one you like best.

In addition, it is still possible to chat freely with ChatGPT. If you send him messages, just as if you were talking to someone else, he will respond. If you need a little help with that difficult conversation, just copy the other person’s responses and see what the bot responds to.

Complete surprise, ChatGPT made its way to WhatsApp and Brazilians were left speechless. Image: Canva.

Will there be a GPT chat on WhatsApp?

Yes, it is now possible to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp and integrate both platforms. Moreover, it is not in the near future: it is already a reality, and you can take advantage of both applications right now, on your device.

However, the integration works through a third app called ZapGPT. He is the one who integrates the two platforms, in a very simple way, through a common conversation (how Telegram bots work is in the formation phase).

So, if you do not have the tool yet, it is available for Android and iOS, in the official app download stores. Since it is an authorized integration, it does not violate property rights and is safer to download without using Apks (Third Source Installers).

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How does ChatGPT work on WhatsApp?

Basically, ChatGPT on WhatsApp works like a chatbot in a private conversation. A new chat will open, just as you would your contacts. Then the bot writes and performs the functions you request.

However, he is still very “raw” at first, because he doesn’t have his own preferences attached to it. Therefore, the simplest way to improve the experience more and more is to continue training and request information from the bot.

After all, AI works in patterns: typing, behaving, searching, and simulating human interactions. Therefore, the more you interact with her, the more she will respond and add content to her responses.

In addition, it is worth noting that the contents are updated until 2021. If you need something newer, you may not find it in ChatGPT answers on WhatsApp and you need to continue interacting more.

So, learn more: ChatGPT-4: Learn how to access this new version of ChatGPT.

What are the advantages of ChatGPT over WhatsApp?

In addition to the practicality of having a bot type anything you want, there are still other advantages to using ChatGPT on WhatsApp. We’ve broken down some of the key ones for you to know, check them out:

  • create standard customer service messages in companies;
  • text correction
  • preparing posts for social networks;
  • create messages to reply to your contacts;
  • Searching content just got simpler.

Also, if you’re having trouble composing a letter, or even sending that presentation to your employer, don’t worry. Just ask the bot, and it tells you how many words and topic to type and sends it to you as a message, you can copy and use it.

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How to use Chatgpt on WhatsApp

So, if you want to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp, you need to have the app on your cell phone, with the basic settings already in place. Next, you need to add a ZapGPT contact to your list: +55 (11) 91000-2248, it is through him that you will use the chatbot functions.

Therefore, send a message from your WhatsApp to this number, and the bot will respond with the terms and conditions for using the program. To start enjoying the functionality, just click “I accept”. ChatGPT on WhatsApp will explain how it works and give you your first options.

For a better experience, you need to use artificial intelligence. It should be noted that these bots use our search patterns, responses, and conversations to provide you with more and more content that is more relevant to your needs.

Finally, if you want to know what’s happening in Brazil and around the world, be sure to explore more content here on the blog. We leave full posts, daily, so you don’t miss the news and stay updated on social benefits, jobs, government programs and much more.