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See 3 services today (25)

See 3 services today (25)

Brazilians were looking for new ways to consume entertainment on television. In the past, the number of people watching open TV shows was huge in the country. However, the situation has changed dramatically recently.

Now, consumers want access to various programs at any time, which was not possible with open TV. In this new scenario, the most successful in the country are IPTV and TV Box.

People may not even know how to explain the terms, but it is hard to find someone who has never heard of them. In fact, this category of TV content is notoriously illegal.

By the way, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) has already carried out several anti-piracy operations in Brazil. In short, the agency’s actions led to the seizure of equipment not authorized for use in the country.

In addition, Anatel has also blocked access to the IP addresses of servers that provide pirated content to non-system TV Boxes.

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After all, what is IPTV and TV Box?

IPTV is short for IPTVwhich in free translation means “Internet Protocol Television”, that is, it denotes the transmission of a television signal over the IP protocol (over the Internet).

In other words, IPTV is the pay TV signal that is transmitted for free to the users. This happens through broadband internet and often infrequently. That is why Anatel has already implemented many measures in the country to combat pay TV piracy.

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In practice, IPTV works through a converter or application that converts the Internet signal into a picture. Thus, a transmission made over the Internet is “converted” to be shown on a television, computer or cell phone screen.

This form of leisure consumption has recently gained traction in Brazil. This is because people want to follow the series and movies that are shown on cable TV, and IPTV is an easy way to achieve this.

IPTV is legal and free in Brazil: watch 3 services today (25) and be surprised – Image: Getty Images.

In turn, the TV Box is a great outlet for those who do not have a smart TV. Specifically, the device allows the user to use their TV to watch content from streaming platforms, which was not possible at first.

This happens through a device with an operating system installed. This device “converts” television to the smart type, allowing access to consumer content only on pay-TV sets.

People using a TV Box can access apps, streaming platforms, browsers and social networks, all through the TV, which now has access to the Internet.

Both IPTV and TV Box have become popular in Brazil due to their affordable prices. Not everyone has the financial conditions to purchase a Smart TV, and these are great outlets for those interested in consuming this type of content.

Free and legal IPTV services in Brazil

For those who intend to acquire an IPTV device, but are afraid to do so infrequently, there are three options for free and authorized IPTV services in Brazil.

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Samsung Plus TV

The first service is Samsung Plus TV, which allows consumers to browse the app on Samsung TVs. For those who don’t know, the platform offers more than 60 free channels, which require no subscription or registration.

For Samsung Galaxy mobile devices, one can download the app from the Play Store and start watching. Programming has dozens of titles, including variety, entertainment, and more.

Pluto TV

The American streaming service Pluto TV is a free option that offers hundreds of channels, movies, series, cartoons, and documentaries, among other things.

For those who are not bothered by commercials while playing a movie or series, the app is great. However, those who don’t like these interruptions may find this service feature to be bad.

LG channels

LG Channels is a service specific to LG devices branded with webOS 4.5 or higher. The service offers premium content, with many programming options. In short, LG Channels offers a list of 20 live channels, including series and movies. The service is also completely free.