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The new Starfield update finally adds a field of view slider

The new Starfield update finally adds a field of view slider

Bethesda has just released it Update 1.7.36 for Starfield and officially added a highly requested feature: Field of view (FOV) sliders.

Although Starfield is a game that can be played entirely from a first-person perspective, it did not have this feature at launch. Fans previously had to resort to mods to add this functionality to the game. Bethesda promised it would add FOV sliders to the game shortly after release, and now…This feature has finally arrived. By accessing the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu, players can adjust the field of view for first and third person cameras on console and PC.

This update also brings some other improvements, such as fixing an issue Problem preventing progress in the Echoes of the Past quest Improve stability and performance. In particular, Bethesda mentioned that stability with Intel Arc GPUs will now be better for PC gamers. However, for most players, the FOV slider is the most important new feature included in this update.

Starfield isn’t the only Bethesda game receiving a notable update this month. Last week, Redfall finally received a patch that overhauled the game’s encounters, tweaked its stealth system, and added a 60fps performance mode. Although this Starfield update isn’t as big or massive as that one, it shows Bethesda’s commitment to improving Starfield and adding much-needed features. Hopefully, updates adding things like Nvidia DLSS support, an HDR calibration menu, ultra-wide screen support, and an eat button aren’t too far away.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series

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