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Forza Motorsport and more: the game launches this week (08/10)

Forza Motorsport and more: the game launches this week (08/10)

October continues to be a month full of releases. So, we’ll be entering another week with several titles arriving for consoles and PC Forza Motorsporta new game from the famous racing series that will overhaul many elements, such as the gameplay and competition format.

Another major highlight is Lords of the Fallen. like him Forza Motorsport, repeats the name of his first game, but it is a sequel, whose story takes place a thousand years later, which brings improvements to the gameplay. actually the introduction A post-apocalyptic sandbox that promises to be a new craze among streamers around the world.

Lords of the Fallen is one of the biggest releases of the weeksource: steam

There is also access Star Trek: Infinitea strategy game from the famous science fiction series, which will put the player in command of one of the major factions in history and finally, Haunted house It is a game inspired by one of the famous Disney attractions that mixes supernatural elements with a lot of fun. Check out the full menu and respective prices.

1. Forza Motorsport – October 10

  • Platforms: Xbox Series S/X and PC

The popular Turn 10 racing franchise is getting a new game this week. Forza Motorsport It would be a reboot for the series, both in nomenclature, and scrapping what should be the number eight, as in its racing and competition system. Everything to give the game a new look, even though it is already considered a reference in the genre.

Forza MotorsportForza Motorsportsource: X-Box

The game will feature over 20 tracks and 500 cars, and will feature improved gameplay, giving the game a greater simulation feel. The game is on pre-sale for R$349.00 in the Standard Edition, and R$499.99 in the Premium Edition, which in turn allows you to play the full game in Early Access. It is worth noting that on launch day it will also be available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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two. the introduction – October 11

the introduction It is a new post-apocalyptic sandbox game that is expected to be a huge success. In it, players will need to survive in a devastated world now dominated by mutant creatures. To top it off, survivors are divided into factions, which must strengthen alliances to avoid clashes and strengthen their bases.

the introductionthe introductionsource: steam

The game will be released in Early Access format, where players will be able to reach level 60. Therefore, it will be possible to advance in the global rankings, unlock heavy vehicles and weapons, and create advanced collection resources. The game has no set value yet.

3. Star Trek: Infinite – October 12

The most famous science fiction series in the world will get a new game. Star Trek: Infinite It is a strategy game that places the player as the leader of one of the four main factions of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. Each of them will have different playstyles, missions and stories, and it is up to you to adopt different kinds of strategies to adapt to the trend of star battles.

Star Trek: InfiniteStar Trek: Infinitesource: steam

The game is set decades before Star Trek: The Next Generation, and features several characters from the series’ universe. The game is already on pre-sale with prices starting at R$124.99 and varying depending on the version purchased.

4. Haunted house – October 12

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, PC

Haunted house It is another game inspired by the famous movie inspired by a Disney landmark. In it, you control young Lyn Graves, whose uncle is a treasure hunter, and who has been kidnapped by supernatural forces. It’s up to her to gather her group of friends to confront the ghosts and other creatures together to free him.

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Haunted houseHaunted housesource: steam

The game attracts attention because it procedurally generated room layouts. Therefore, with each new game, furniture, walls and other elements will be placed in different ways, giving the feeling of a new game at all times. The game is on pre-sale for R$100.99.

5. Lords of the Fallen – October 13

  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC

One of the most popular Soulslikes in history, not developed by From Software, is getting a sequel. Lords of the FallenAlthough it has the same name, it is a continuation of the first game whose story takes place at least a thousand years later, in which the player must embark on a long journey through the lands of Mournsted.

Lords of the FallenLords of the Fallensource: steam

The game will bring refined gameplay, especially with more freedom of movement, which was one of the biggest criticisms of the first game. In addition, it will also feature more realistic graphics, especially regarding shadow and light effects throughout the game. Lords of the Fallen On pre-sale starting at R$ 249.00.

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