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Boris Johnson is under pressure and the Labor Party is growing in the UK

Boris Johnson is under pressure and the Labor Party is growing in the UK

Boris Johnson is rejected in the UK

Boris Johnson has come under intense pressure from the UK media and voters. Because a video showed government officials making fun of what was supposed to be a Christmas party on epidemics. At that time, the country was under a period of severe restrictions due to Govt-19.

MPs who support the PM’s base are demanding that the government’s spokesman be overthrown. Some conservatives suggested that Boris should resign because of the controversy.

Voters are also dissatisfied with the Prime Minister. The Focaldata poll shows that 61% of voters disagree with the Johnson administration. Only 22% like the current UK administration. Approval or denial represents 15%. This information was released last Thursday (9).

It is the Labor Party that benefits. Johnson’s title is shorter than the Conservatives by eight percentage points. Another poll puts Labor at six points ahead of the Conservatives.

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Boris Johnson and Elections

New elections to elect a new Prime Minister are expected to take place only in 2024. Boris was elected in 2019 and his term is five years.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. This happens when he is under a lot of pressure and loses the friendly base. There is no indication that the current head of government in the UK will do this. But it is not surprising that pressure mounts in the coming days and he is forced to resign.

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