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The MP food coupon expires on Monday and will not be voted on

The MP food coupon expires on Monday and will not be voted on

Mayor Arthur Lyra was annoyed that he had not been consulted earlier on the matter and would let the procedure lapse

The House of Representatives will allow the term of office of the representative to expire (temporary measure) 1,173/2023which deals with government deadlines for organizing changes in pat (Workers’ Food Program). The procedure will lose its validity next Monday (August 28) and was approved by the joint committee that dealt with the issue.

The text extended the government’s deadline for regulating benefits card portability, system interoperability and open arrangement for payment machines. With the expiration date, the government can no longer change the programme.

head of the room, Arthur Lyra (PP-AL) He had already said on Tuesday (22. August) that the MP would finish. “Also measuring 1173, which I think will end, because there was no agreement on how to install and handle it.”He told reporters.

Lyra was annoyed that she had not been consulted earlier on this matter. With its central character, the Chamber President likes to build agreements before directing the text in the plenary session of the Council. The purpose of allowing a Member of Parliament to lose power is to send a message that subjects who do not follow this rule will no longer be in Parliament.

Hey Power360 It also found that MPs were uncomfortable with the MP because some saw the potential for it to further benefit large companies in the sector, making it difficult for smaller companies to survive.

On Thursday (August 24), Lira told reporters that he had personally dealt with the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) on the provision of provisional measures. He stated that it would only be sent if it was very urgent, and in most cases, after the invoice.

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One case that exemplifies the agreement between Lira and Planalto is Desenrola, the government’s debt negotiation programme. Initially published as a Member of Parliament, a bill was then sent to Congress, which will begin debate next week.

In addition to this MP. There is another one that has a tight deadline. he is one Deals with the resume of incomplete educational work (Representative No. 1174 of 2023). It ends on September 12th. Today, Thursday (24/8), the Prime Minister met in Parliament. Jose Guimaraes (PT-CE), he said that the deputy will become a PL, which should be voted on next week.

“The deputy for unfinished business will become vice president and we’ll vote next week.” he told reporters.

Beyond the prior lack of agreement, there is also a disagreement between Lira and the Senate President. Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), on the Rites of Congress.

The lira is critical of the current system, where the creation of a mixed committee, including deputies and senators, is mandatory. After that, it is voted on in the plenary session of the House, after which it is sent to the plenary session of the Senate.

The joint committees formally reviewed the deputies on March 23. The ritual was Institutional deadlock Between Pacheco and Lira. What started b joint billin February 2023, and ended in a one-sided action from the senator.

The two will have a possible meeting this Thursday (August 24), but they will not address this topic. Both must discuss ongoing projects in Congress.

“President Pacheco and I put aside what divides us and deal with what unites us. This issue of deputies is resolved in agreement with the executive branch.”Lera said earlier when commenting on the meeting with Pacheco.

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