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The machine allows you to see the brain with very high resolution;  Check the pictures

The machine allows you to see the brain with very high resolution; Check the pictures

New and strong Scanner device able to provide High resolution images of the human brain, in a way never seen before. Experts believe the details displayed by the equipment will enhance studies of diseases such as… Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and mental disorders.

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In recent months, after the issuance of health regulatory bodies, 20 volunteers underwent tests Magnetic resonance imaging MRI in Isolt. The machine, the result of 20 years of research and development, is located in a laboratory in Saclay, a city south of Paris.

in Four minutesThe machine generates detailed images of the organ thanks to the magnetic field 11.7 Tesla – Amazing accuracy for a short shooting period. For comparison, the same image quality would require hours with currently used MRI scanners, which are only 3 Tesla.

The device also allows monitoring the action of lithium in the brain, a substance found in bipolar disorder medications, and monitoring molecules such as glucose and glutamate, to facilitate the diagnosis of diseases such as gliomas and neurodegeneration.

“With the Isolt project, a whole new world is opening up before our eyes and we are excited to explore it. We still need several years of research to develop and improve our data acquisition methods and ensure that the data are of the highest quality possible. Our goal is to study neurodegenerative diseases by 2026-2030, In addition to other diseases that fall more under the umbrella of psychiatry, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.Cognitive science will also be of fundamental importance in our research, explained Nicolas Boulant, head of the Iseult project and director of research at the French Atomic Energy Authority (CEA).