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The government takes a decision that could benefit workers.

The government takes a decision that could benefit workers.

Last Friday (5), Luiz Mariño, Minister of Labor and Employment, highlighted the urgent need to open the labor force balance. FGTS For workers who choose to cash out Christmas money and are fired without just cause.

The current policy, which the administration considers “cruel,” prevents millions of workers from accessing their money, encouraging discussions and proposals for change.

Understanding FGTS Balance Blocking

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Workers who choose the Christmas withdrawal can access their FGTS balance only once a year or on demand. LoansBy subscribing to this method, the worker will not be able to withdraw the full balance of the fund in the event of arbitrary dismissal for a period of two years.

This restriction has been criticised and considered by the Minister of Labour to be an unfair measure against workers.

Advantages and disadvantages of withdrawing from Christmas

Despite criticism, the Christmas withdrawal method facilitates access to credit for many workers. The Christmas withdrawal advance allows the use of FGTS credit as collateral Loanswithout affecting the monthly income.

Since its introduction, this type of loan has gained popularity due to its lower interest rates compared to personal loans or credit cards.

Arguments for change

Luiz Marinho criticizes the current regulations that restrict access to the FGTS in cases of dismissal as unfair. He highlights that the FGTS fund was created to serve as an emergency savings for workers in cases of unemployment.

Furthermore, the Fund is a critical source of financing for housing, basic sanitation and urban infrastructure programmes.

New measures under consideration

The government is evaluating several measures to facilitate access to FGTS. One proposal is the implementation of FGTS Digital, which aims to simplify the collection of the guarantee fund by employers and modernize its management.

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This platform will allow for the creation of payment proofs online, simplifying the process and increasing security for workers and employers.

Using FGTS in Minha Casa, Minha Vida

Another measure under consideration is to facilitate the use of FGTS to finance housing in the Minha Casa, Minha Vida programme.

This includes the opportunity to eliminate or reduce the required down payment for low-income households and facilitate access to credit for informal workers, without a formal contract.

FGTS Guaranteed Credit

The government is also assessing the feasibility of granting salary loans to formal workers, such as small investment enterprises, domestic employees and the self-employed, using the FGTS balance as a form of additional guarantee. This initiative aims to expand access to credit under more favorable conditions.

The Ministry of Labor is in the technological testing phase and negotiating with financial institutions to implement this measure.

The proposed changes to the FGTS rules and the introduction of payroll loans are important steps to ensure that the fund achieves its goal of protecting workers. With these new measures, the government seeks to make access to the FGTS more equitable, benefiting millions of Brazilian workers.

Image: STILLFX and Eliminate / Shutterstock.com – Version: Your Digital Credit