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World ranking places two Brazilian airports among the top 10 in the world!

World ranking places two Brazilian airports among the top 10 in the world!

A recent analysis of the efficiency and quality of airports around the world has brought interesting data, especially regarding Brazilian airports. The most notable is that Brasilia International Airport, Which received positive reviews in several aspects, including the accuracy of flight schedules and the quality of services.

In addition to Brasilia, other airports in Brazil are showing noteworthy performance, ranking among the best in the world, according to a recent study. This highlights the progress in airport management in the country and points to promising prospects for travelers and professionals in this sector.

What makes Brasilia Airport special?

With one Overall score 8.32Brasilia International Airport is ranked first among citizens. The score includes criteria such as flight punctuality, which received a score of 8.6, and the quality of food and shops, which reached 7.9. These numbers reflect not only operational efficiency, but also the quality of the experience provided to passengers.

Other Brazilian airports on a global scale

In the overall ranking of the world’s top 20 airports, two other Brazilian airports stand out: Recife/Guararapes International Airport, in 14th place, and Belo Horizonte/Tancredo Neves International Airport, in 19th place. These results attest to the excellence and commitment of each participating team.

How do other airports in Brazil rank?

  • Salgado Filho Porto Alegre – 26th place
  • Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro – 40th place
  • Afonso Pena in Curitiba – 46th place
  • Congonhas in Sao Paulo – 57th place
  • Guarulhos in Sao Paulo – 59th place
  • Viracopos in Campinas – 62nd place
  • Hercilio Luz in Florianopolis – 65th place
  • Galeão in Rio de Janeiro – 67th place
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Although not at the top of the rankings, these airports demonstrate a continued commitment to improving the quality of their services. Being among the top 70 airports, they reflect the ongoing effort to improve airport infrastructure and services across the country.

Final Thoughts on Airport Performance

The ranking of Brazilian airports in a global context is great news for the country’s aviation sector. Continuous improvements, investments in infrastructure and a relentless focus on customer experience are factors that have contributed significantly to these outstanding positions. These efforts not only improve the airports’ image abroad, but also make the lives of travelers easier, making travel more enjoyable and efficient.

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