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The government must allocate more than R billion to pay for PIS/Pasep 2025

The government must allocate more than R$30 billion to pay for PIS/Pasep 2025

The Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) recently announced plans for the 2025 PIS/Pasep salary bonus. For this, an amount of R$30.6 billion has been set aside to pay workers who meet the requirements to receive the benefit. This financial move promises to impact millions of workers in Brazil.

Of this amount, the majority, R$27.4 billion, will go to private sector employees through the social security system, while R$3.2 billion will complete the Pasep program for public sector employees. This division reflects the government’s continued interest in maintaining support for the country’s various working classes. Read on for more information!

How will the PIS/Pasep resource allocation work in 2025?

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The decision to allocate resources for the salary bonus was taken by Codefat (Delegation Council of the Workers’ Support Fund), a deliberative body linked to the Workers’ Support Fund (FAT), at a meeting held at the end of June.

The proposal will remain under review by the Treasury Department. The department is responsible for next year’s budget, which requires congressional approval to become official.

Who benefits from the PIS/Pasep bonus?

Therefore, this measure aims to benefit approximately 25.7 million workers. Of these, 22.6 million are linked to the PIS system. The remaining 3.1 million are public employees who fall under the BASIP category.

Additionally, the guidelines for eligibility for this benefit include enrollment in the PIS/Pasep program for at least five years. Furthermore, you must have officially worked for at least 30 days in the base year, and earn an average of up to two minimum wages per month.

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How to pay?

The PIS bonus is paid directly by Caixa Econômica Federal for private sector professionals, while Pasep is managed by Banco do Brasil. It is important to highlight that payment methods vary, providing flexibility for beneficiaries.

Some will receive it automatically in their accounts, especially those who already have a connection to responsible financial institutions, while others will need additional procedures to access the funds.

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Finally, for those wishing to check their eligibility for the allowance, it is recommended to use the Digital Labor Card application (Appearance memory, internal control Department) or the Gov.br portal. These digital platforms facilitate consultation and ensure that workers are informed of their rights and payment dates.

Photo: Ravastockper / Shutterstock.com