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The government says the money from the Bolsa Família should stay through this year

The government says the money from the Bolsa Família should stay through this year

While many people say they need help from the government, Planalto does the math and finds out that there will be a lot more Money from Bolsa Familia صناديق Funds. This will happen for a number of reasons, but the main reason is precisely emergency assistance. It sounds strange, but that’s it.

According to the Ministry of CitizenshipCurrently, the country has about 14 million Bolsa Família beneficiaries. These are the people who receive an average monthly amount of R$190 from the federal government. Altogether, this will result in the expenditure of approximately R$35 billion in normal conditions.

The point is, 2021 is far from a normal year. It turns out that the government is also paying emergency aid. As a general rule, people who earn less in Bolsa Família can immigrate to the program to help informal people in this pandemic. This ends up causing stagnation in the coffers.

Today, the federal government pays Bolsa Família only about 4 million people. This means that about 10 million have temporarily migrated to the emergency programme. It is worth remembering that this has been going on for about three months. So this is the period of this new phase of projects.

Recently, the federal government decided to extend emergency assistance for another three months. Thus, the project, which will end in July, will start making payments until next October. With that said, one could imagine Planalto Palace would end up with a larger economy, as it would spend more time paying Bolsa Família for fewer people.

Eye on the budget

According to behind-the-scenes information, President Jair Bolsonaro is monitoring the production of the new Bolsa Família. The premiere of this program will be shown next November with average values ​​above the current value.

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The problem is really finding space in the budget for this. Is this according to the Ministry of Economy, any slippage could lead to the government committing the crime of responsibility for trying to break the spending ceiling?

President Jair Bolsonaro wants to raise the program’s average transfer from R$190 to R$300, but members of the Economy Ministry disagree. They even want an increase, but to around R$250 and not R$300.

Entry space

On social networks, many people criticize the government for these remnants in the programs. They claim that Planalto could take advantage of this space to include more people in their respective projects.

There are those who say, for example, that the government could put at least more people in Bolsa Família while 10 million beneficiaries receive the funds for emergency aid. Thus, the amount of the program will not be left.

Notably, the government also expects that money from emergency aid payments will also be kept. Previously, they were expected to spend approximately R$44 billion. Now, it is known that they will close with 7 billion R$ less than that.

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