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Caixa offers Tem PIX worth R$950 to Bolsa Família beneficiaries!

Caixa offers Tem PIX worth R$950 to Bolsa Família beneficiaries!

Beneficiaries of Bolsa Família have another reason to celebrate. This is because the app box has He makes payments in the form of PIX in the amount of R$ 950.00 For users of the program.

Understand Caixa Tem and Bolsa Família

Caixa Tem is an application that allows many Brazilians to access various social services and conduct banking transactions in a simple and flexible way. The app is essential for those who receive social benefits, including the Bolsa Família, and need to make payments, transfers, and inquire about balance and account information.

Who can get R$950.00 through Caixa Tem?

To get value R$950.00 through Caixa Temthe family must be registered in the Bolsa Familia program and meet certain criteria, such as having up to two children between the ages of zero and six years and Young people between seven and eighteen years of age or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Bolsa Família withdrawals begin in Caixa

Withdrawals from Bolsa Família begin in February by the Caixa Econômica Federal. For receipts, the bank organizes the payment schedule based on the last digit of the number Social registration number (NIS) for each beneficiary.

How can I consult Bolsa Familia?

To review Bolsa Família's payment calendar and find out when you will receive your payment PIX worth R$ 950.00 through Caixa TemThe beneficiary must enter the program's official website or contact Federal Communication Center Caixa Econômica.

It is possible to withdraw from Bolsa Família without a card through Caixa Tem

Although withdrawals in Bolsa Família are generally made using a magnetic card provided by the Caixa Econômica Federal, for those who do not have the card, there is the option to make a withdrawal using a code generated by the Caixa Tem app.

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