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The government expects 1.01 billion Brazilian reais for municipalities suffering from the disaster

The government expects 1.01 billion Brazilian reais for municipalities suffering from the disaster

Residents of 125 municipalities in eight Brazilian states had paid the amount Early Bolsa Familia In February. According to the Ministry of Social Development, Family and Hunger Control, this measure includes cities suffering from a catastrophic situation due to rain.

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About 1.49 million families benefited from the anticipation of the calendar, which generated more than R$1.01 billion. In addition, R$40.2 million in gas aid was also provided to 394,556 vulnerable homes.

When a municipality declares a public emergency or disaster and the federal government recognizes the situation, it is common for payments to be consolidated on the first calendar day. The deposit is originally the last number of NIS (Social Identification Number) for those who are approved, but in such cases, everyone receives it on the appointed day of the final NIS 1.

Countries included and values

According to the MDS, the forecast included 73 cities in Rio Grande do Sul, 15 in Parana, 15 in Ceará, 10 in Rio de Janeiro, 7 in Sergipe, 3 in São Paulo, 1 in Amapa, and 1 in Espírito Santo.

The largest amount was released in Rio, where 582,000 families benefiting from the Bolsa Família program received a total of R$699.3 million, of which R$391.59 million went to the capital alone. The state also led in terms of gas aid, providing R$27.8 million in advance for 272.9 thousand family units, R$13.84 million in the capital alone.

Expectation rules

One of the privileges offered when anticipating social assistance is withdrawal without a card or documents. The person in charge of the household can obtain a special payment statement, provided by the municipal program administration, to access the funds.

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During a public emergency, actions such as extending investigation and registration review deadlines are also permitted.

These decisions can be made after the State Coordination of Bolsa Família sends a letter to the National Secretariat of Citizen's Income requesting the adoption of state or federal measures or decrees to recognize the state of emergency or public disaster. The municipal administration can also request joint federal funding to support those affected.