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The government already applies a 60% tax on international purchases from companies that have not joined the programme, says secretary |  Economy

The government already applies a 60% tax on international purchases from companies that have not joined the programme, says secretary | Economy

The Federal Revenue Secretariat has already begun to tax international orders placed by companies that have not complied with the foreign e-commerce regulation program – called “Remisa Conform” – at a high rate of 60%.

This information was published on Tuesday (17) by the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Dario Dorrigan, during an event on the “Future of Payment Methods”, promoted by the technology consortium Zeta.

“The government created the program, and all the major e-commerce companies joined the program and provided us with information. By knowing how many ‘players’ there are, and how much shipments are being sent to the country, we organize logistics, which we have already made important gains, and we monitor and implement The tax rate is 60% for those who did not enter the program. People received notices at home saying they needed to pay the tax,” Dorrigan announced.

Durigan stated that the situation that prevailed until last year was “chaos.” The rule at the time was to impose taxes on transactions exceeding US$50, but the rule was not implemented in practice.

“When we looked at the balance sheets, no one ever paid 60% of anything. Cargo imports in recent years, from 2017 to 2022, have increased five-fold. We have hundreds of millions of packages entering the country without anyone ever entering the country,” he said. “Paying taxes without countries knowing what is happening from ICMS’ point of view.”

New e-commerce rules

  • Current rules continue, with a 60% import tax exemption for shipments between individuals.
  • With the publication of new regulations by the Federal Revenue Service, e-commerce companies will be able to join the compliance program, which will be optional.
  • Businesses that join the IRS program will enjoy an import tax exemption on purchases up to $50, which, without membership, only exists for person-to-person shipments.
  • For purchases over $50, nothing changes in federal taxes. As a result, the 60% import tax remains in effect.
  • An import declaration and final payment of taxes will be issued before the goods arrive.
  • The seller is obligated to inform the consumer of the origin of the products and the total value of the goods (including federal and state taxes).
  • The Federal Revenue Code does not deal with state tax rules, which are the responsibility of each federal unit.

Understand the new tax rule for imported products

Fees from states and the federal government

in June, The states unanimously decided to adopt a 17% rate. Tax on the circulation of goods and services (ICMS) for purchases made on online platforms from international retailers.

When asked on Tuesday (17) when the value of the federal import tax for orders coming from abroad will be determined, Dorrigan stated that the government is “working so that we can resolve this issue this year as soon as possible.”

“You have to work with the states, Convas [Conselho que reúne secretários de Fazenda dos estados] The IRS and other players are committed to this debate, and we have worked with Anvisa and Inmetro to understand the constraints from a perspective outside of public finances. Once we have a well-controlled information environment, we will not find it difficult to make decisions. He concluded by saying: “It takes courage to move forward on this issue, and we will do so.”

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