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Learn how to find out which payment you’ll receive your 2023 income tax refund on

Learn how to find out which payment you’ll receive your 2023 income tax refund on

Learn how to figure out which parcel you’ll receive your 2023 income tax refund on

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The 2023 income tax filing deadline continues to this day May 31st, but those who wanted to attempt to receive a refund on the down payment had to turn over the accounts to the treasury by Wednesday the 10th. Refunds will be paid in five installments that run through the end of September (see calendar below).

After submitting the declaration, the taxpayer needs to wait to verify whether they will be among those considering receiving a refund, as long as their declaration is not kept in the fine grid.

To find out in what quantity you will receive the refund, you need to check the date the statement was delivered. Also, it is important to see if you fit any priority criteria, so your chances increase.

Inquiry expectations for payment of the first IR payment to be issued is May 24, on the Federal Revenue website. There is no information yet on how many taxpayers will be included in this first installment and the total amount of the parcel that will be distributed.

Revenue expects it 39.5 million The taxpayer sends the statement by the end of the deadline. And by Wednesday afternoon, the deadline for the first batch, 22 million ads had been sent. of this total, 71.15% tax refund.

The IR 2023 priority criteria are:

• Older than 60 years.

• Taxpayers who suffer from a physical or mental disability or who suffer from a serious illness.

• Taxpayers whose main source of income is teaching

• Who used a pre-filled statement and/or chose to receive a refund via Pix.

IR 2023 recovery calendar

  • • The first batch: May 31st
  • • The second installment: June 30
  • • third batch: July 31st
  • Fourth installment: 31 Aug
  • Fifth installment: Sept. 29

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