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The government accelerates the recruitment of doctors to work in the Yanomami territory

The government accelerates the recruitment of doctors to work in the Yanomami territory

Posted 1/23/2023 5:57 AM / Updated 1/23/2023 5:58 AM

Health professionals help Yanomami children suffering from a high level of malnutrition: volunteers can work in the area – (Credit: Condisi-YY / Disclosure)

Yesterday the Ministry of Health announced the opening of a public notice for the More Doctors Program so that health professionals will work permanently in health centers on the Yanomami Indigenous Lands of Roraima. The decision was taken by the Operations Room, which was established by the portfolio last Friday (20) under the coordination of the Special Secretariat for Health and Indigenous Welfare (SESAI), to speed up the process due to the health crisis that ravaged the people. . yanomami and completely filling vacancies for Indigenous Health Districts (Dsei), which has 37 core Poles.

“The Secretariat for Primary Health Care (SAPS) is ensuring resources for continuous public notice, as there are 77 dedicated physicians in Dubai. .

The idea is that priority is given to the Brazilian professionals who sign up. The remaining vacancies go to foreign-trained citizens, and finally, if there are still vacancies, they can be filled by foreigners who come to apply.

“We had an advertisement only for Brazilians. Only then will we issue an advertisement for Brazilians interns abroad, and after that for foreigners. Faced with the need to provide assistance to the inhabitants of indigenous areas, especially the Yanomami, we want to make an advertisement in which everyone registers at once,” the secretary explained.

national strength

The Ministry has also released a form for volunteers interested in being part of the National Force of the Unified Health System (SUS), which has been sending teams to work in care both in Boa Vista and Soroco, in the municipality of Alto Alegre. , in the north of Roraima. The areas are diverse, especially in the field of health. Among them are nursing, nutrition, psychology, biomedicine, and social work.

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President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who announced a package of measures to make the federal government more present in the region, shared the information. “Help participate. Brazil is a country of solidarity and hope,” Lula asked on social media.

The SUS National Force is a cooperation program aimed at “measures for prevention, assistance and suppression of epidemiological situations, disasters or lack of assistance to the population when the response capacity of the state or municipality is exhausted”.


Inhuman fact

“The state of danger that the Yanomami people have been experiencing for the past few decades has finally arrived, mainly due to illegal mining and its disastrous consequences for the lives of the indigenous people of the forest.

After persistent condemnation by national and international organizations and media coverage, the sad and inhuman reality of the Yanomami people is now revealed to the world through horrific images that recall some of the most horrific tragedies in human history.

For us Brazilians, it causes a mixed feeling of indignation and shame.

We, researchers from UnB’s Indigenous Languages ​​and Literatures Laboratory, are shocked by the redoubled energy of pushing imperative action against everything and everyone who finances and encourages the genocide of Brazil’s indigenous peoples. Both in the Yanomami and in other areas are also threatened.

It is urgent to fix all the harm done to these people physically, psychologically, socially and culturally! May the Yanomami regain their dignity. May all deeds in favor of your good life multiply in defense of the existence of all the peoples of our forests.

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Ana Sule Arruda Cámara Cabral, Professor at UnB