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The Google Meet update will let you see the participants' connection

The Google Meet update will let you see the participants’ connection

Google has many platforms that offer digital tools to make the life of the user easier. Among them is Google Meet, which is intended to make video calls. In this sense, and to meet the growing demand, the company has made updates to this platform. Among them, a novelty has recently appeared: administrators will be able to see the Internet connection of users in Google Meet.

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Google Meet becomes the most used in 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic, social isolation has begun as a disease prevention measure. As a result, most companies have moved the work done in the office to the home office, a model that has become very popular and must continue in the post-pandemic world. In the face of this reality, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams are becoming more and more used.

Therefore, these platforms needed to adapt to the new reality to be able to meet the demand that had grown exponentially. Regarding Meet, Google found that from 2020 to mid-2021, the tool’s usage time increased 20 times. Thus, the company started investing in a video conferencing platform and was innovating and adapting it to better serve the users. In addition, Google underwent a restructuring process, which increased the number of employees who worked on the Meet team.

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With a home office, it’s also easier to make excuses for missing work meetings and classes or leaving early, such as saying the internet has gone out. With this in mind, Google has made a new update to Meet where the person who manages the Google Workspace will be able to check the internet signal of meeting participants.

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Google’s goal in doing this is to give the platform more credibility, as this will give more control to the meeting admins. In addition, this is not the first information that is provided to administrators, since they can already see the type of connection, control the microphone and camera of the participants, control CPU usage, among other things.