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the future?  The CEO of Amazon Web Services talks about artificial intelligence

the future? The CEO of Amazon Web Services talks about artificial intelligence

Involving different personalities in the tech field, as expected, the 2023 Collision event featured AI as the center of attention. Starting last month (06), in Toronto, Canada, everyone who was going to speak was aware that, at some point, they would be asked or talked about AI. Of them all, Amazon Web Services (AWC) CEO Adam Celebski has been asked the most about artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence: AWS CEO Highlights Collision Technology Conference

Aware of the wave of AI on the part of companies, Celebski says, “We’re three steps away from 10 kilometers.” Then he continues: “So the question is where are the runners going? What is the course like who is watching the race?”

Moving forward, the CEO was asked if AWS was lagging behind in the race, given Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, and Google’s launch of Bard.

“Amazon is working on its big language models — the underlying algorithms and deep learning technology that AI products often run on — and is preparing to release it later this year,” Selipsky explained.

“We have a lot of urgency around generative AI, and believe me, we’re putting a lot of resources into all the elements of generative AI, but not red code, because we think we understand where customers are asking us to go and we’re taking a slightly different approach.”

As for Alexa, he says he’s excited to bring additional productivity AI capabilities to the product. His vision is to make her his “real” personal assistant.

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Amazon is already investing in artificial intelligence

To date, Amazon is no longer one of the main references when it comes to generative AI. On this walk, care accompanies.

“Customers need enterprise-grade security and privacy. I’ve spoken with at least 10 Fortune 500 CIOs and they’ve banned ChatGPT from their companies because it’s not secure.

Finally, and quickly, Amazon’s cloud unit, of which the CEO is a part, is making a $100 million investment for a hub that specializes in helping companies use generative AI. It’s evidence that AWS knows what’s being tried in the tech space, being close to competitors Microsoft and Google.