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The focus of the crisis in Sao Paulo with Rogero Ceni, Marcos Paulo has already caused with his coach in Portugal

The focus of the crisis in Sao Paulo with Rogero Ceni, Marcos Paulo has already caused with his coach in Portugal

Friction between Marcos Paolo and Rogero CeniWhich sparked an internal crisis in Sao Paulo During the week, it probably surprised a lot of people. Except for the European press. Getting into conflict with coaches is not unprecedented in the career of an attacking midfielder.

As revealed by the newspapertoMarcos Paulo was not on good terms with Famalicao’s then coach, Rui Pedro Silva. the reason? Not being used regularly in the Portuguese club’s matches, as he played on loan in the 2021/22 season.

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Sound familiar? Well, it just gets more and more similar. In reports published throughout that season, Silva complained that his player “lacked strength”. Exactly the same remark that Ceni made about his shirt number 32 last Monday (13), after eliminating Agua Santa in the quarter-finals of the Paulista Championship.

Marcos Paulo made 20 appearances for Famalicao that season. No goals scored. However, during the period of litigation with the coach, he ended up being relegated to the under-23 team, where he played 2 matches and scored a goal.

At the end of the last European season, the Portuguese club, Atletico Madrid, informed the owner of the rights of Marcos Paulo, who then transferred him to Mirandes, from the Spanish second division, for a period of six months. He stayed there until the emergence of São Paulo, where he would remain until the end of the year.

according to Throw! Find out, Marcos Paolo would have had a certain endorsement from the board of directors for the transfer, if he thought it was better. There are interested parties, as the report raised, but nothing concrete yet.

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The attacking midfielder was training normally at the club after the incident with the coach. Meetings were held in which the cast participated, with the promise of a change of heart on both sides, Marcos Paolo and Cini.