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The Farm 2022: Peão complains about red tape: 'Reality Hell'

The Farm 2022: Peão complains about red tape: ‘Reality Hell’

Pele is not happy with his routine atfarm 2022″ (RecordTV).

In conversation with their allies in Group B, the Fayons were talking about the care of the animals and the schedules for arranging each treatment. Pele started to complain and asked Rovinha if the situation wasn’t calm. “It turns out to be as boring as getting up,” said the pawn.

“The reality show is called ‘The Farm,’ and what did you think you would do?” Alex said. …”.

Friends of the singer said that he does not need to get up so early. “Guys, it’s too fast,” Pele said, and Alex replied, “No, it’s like 30 minutes of sleep.” “Play the cow and I’ll be in bed,” said the singer, to which Alex replied, “Who makes the llama? Vinnie. Ask Vinnie to wake you up,” Pele replied, “God forbid.”

After the conversation, the pioneers went up to the headquarters. Before leaving the treehouse, Pele said: “From hell reality show“.

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