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The employee donates his kidney to his boss and is surprised by the shocking situation

The employee donates his kidney to his boss and is surprised by the shocking situation

Debbie Stephens is 47 years old, and she became famous after she donated one of her kidneys to her 67-year-old boss, Jackie Brussia. The case had major international repercussions and divided many opinions on the Internet. However, the outcome of the story, which had everything to be positive, was not the best.

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After undergoing the procedure, the employee discovered that her kidneys did not match Jackie’s. However, the removal surgery was successful and helped save the life of a man residing in Missouri, USA. The president, in turn, received the donation from an unknown person.

After donating a kidney, things didn’t get any better

Even as she was recovering from surgery to remove her kidney, the employee received calls from her boss telling her to resume work. However, recovery was needed, and Debbie’s boss did not take this information seriously.

Faced with denial, Jackie decides to move the woman to another place of work, far away from what it could have been. This was seen as a kind of indirect dismissal by the employee, who would not be able to travel to the new environment.

Online reflections and controversies

The case ended up on the internet and gained massive repercussions recently. After all, the woman who decided to help her lover by donating her kidney would now go after her.

Many people commented on posts related to the topic, expressing their displeasure at what happened. In addition, Debbie will need to fully recover in order to be able to do work normally.

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In the view of many netizens, the manager lacked empathy and humanity in disrespecting the woman’s recovery period. Nephrectomy surgery is complex and requires readjustment of the human body. There is little concern for ensuring that those who donate can maintain a dignified life.