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He surprises the young man by revealing how much he earns working as a dishwasher in Switzerland

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people who have left their home city or country to try to make a living elsewhere.

The case of Argentine youth Adrian Kirchnitz went viral on TikTok after he revealed how much he earns working as a dishwasher in Switzerland.

In the video, which has already garnered nearly 400,000 views, Adrian says he earned $3,750 (about R$19,800).

About 50% of the salary is spent on expenses such as rent and food, leaving $1,875 (about R$10,000) for other expenses.

Despite the numbers initially jumping into the eye, TikTok users said that given the high cost of living in Switzerland, the amount is not that valuable.

Someone commented, “I used to live in Zurich and the standard of living in Switzerland is very high, so this salary is not a big deal.” Another country said, “It is one of the most expensive countries, so the salary is normal.”

@tweet How much do you earn from washing dishes in Swiza? 🇨🇭😱 Switzerland has so many amazing landscapes! It is worth clarifying that this is also an expensive country, but you can also save a lot! The good thing about this country too, is that it has a double season, you can come to work in winter – same as summer – what you need to be able to work in this country, you have an EU passport and there you can hire any company and work one work permit ( L) permission allows you to stay the entire time you arrive to work with them! Muchas graciasmauri_css to lend a video! Very crack, it is worth explaining that it is very hard work! But with a good wave is llevadero, and sueldo is stimulating! # Switzerland # Trabagar #for you #Travel #Travel #trabajarnsuisa #trapjoins ♬ original sound – Viajando con Adrián