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The dog who was expecting 4 puppies has a completely unexpected surprise at birth

The dog who was expecting 4 puppies has a completely unexpected surprise at birth

A pregnant dog named Bella gave her family a real scare, but the horror was not caused by complications from the birth, but by the birth of more puppies than expected.

Bella is a Cane Corso, and from the beginning of her pregnancy, her owner, Jana Aquilina, made sure she was kept under veterinary supervision.

On the ultrasound, four puppies showed up, but amazingly, on the day of the birth, 15 were born. Yes… 15 cute girls came out of little Bella’s body. There is space, right?!

Shocked and enchanted by what happened, Jana shared a video on her TikTok profile Hahahahaha On April 14th, he showed these beauties to the world. After all, it was a nice Easter gift, she said in the caption.

According to the news portal Heberin a litter of Cane Corso, between four and six puppies are usually born, but there are always exceptions, some litters can be born smaller and others larger – like Bella.

Well, what affects the size of the litter? There are several factors that influence, including:

  • Breed and Size: If the dog is large, there will likely be more puppies in the litter.
  • Age: The Cane Corso is most fertile between 2 and 5 years old.
  • Genes: Dogs with a more diverse genetic pool will have larger litters.
  • And, of course, health and food.

Now the question that remains is why were only four hearts seen in Bella’s ultrasound? In an interview with the news portal NewsweekDr. Matthew McCarthy, founder of Juniper Valley Animal Hospital in Queens, New York, explains:

“I can think of several reasons why an ultrasound would be wrong in this situation,” McCarthy said. “Time is essential. On an ultrasound, a fetal puppy’s heart can be seen as a distinct flash between days 23 and 25, while its head and body can be distinguished between days 28 and 30. With large numbers of puppies, Not all puppies will be at the exact same stage of development – So if you’re scanning on the 23rd, you might see four puppy heartbeats, but on the 25th, you might see 15.”

  • A dog of the Cane Corso breed goes viral on the web when he appears to be taking care of a kitten

Were you curious to meet these beauties? More than 1.6 million netizens watched it and thousands commented on it.

Someone joked, “Did they say 4 or 4 squares?”

“A vet needs a new ultrasound machine. Another commented.

“I will need your address and visitation schedule,” wrote a third.

paying off:

You want to crush everyone!

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