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The doctor at Bacagos has been fired after posting a video with criticism of the nursing technician – Ciara

The doctor at Bacagos has been fired after posting a video with criticism of the nursing technician – Ciara

A doctor on duty this Sunday (9) was dismissed by the Ministry of Defense Bacagos City Councilafter sharing the video with Criticisms of the nursing technician on social networks. He worked in the hospital in the Municipality of Fortaleza Metropolitan Area (RMF).

Lyanderson Andrade Arruda has used his profile, which he maintains on Instagram, to post a series of videos with speeches about health professionals. In the recordings, he appears to be walking along Avenida Beira-Mar, in Fortaleza.

You are not a doctor, so stop calling yourself a doctor. Techs are doers, so you don’t know f*ck. Who knows ar*some doctors. If the doctor doesn’t know anything, imagine yourself. They don’t even know how to play their part, which is to get the right access, so stop bothering them,” he said.

At first, it seems that the doctor is directing the sayings to a specific person, but then Speech circulates.

“You are the one who works at the IJF [Instituto Doutor José Frota] I don’t know shit. If you just knew, you weren’t a technician, I was a nurse. The message is for you, who owns that voice. I can’t speak, otherwise I will be arrested, you know? And you never said you would make me angry again, or else I would be arrested, because I would put my hand in your face,” he said at the time.

The videos posted by Lyanderson Andrade gained repercussions on social networks, reaching the Town Hall of Pacajus, which decided to shut down the municipal server and even issued Disclaimer note for his sermons.

“The Bacajos City Council, through the Municipal Minister of Health, strongly rejects a video clip circulating on social networks with offensive speeches by a doctor on duty at a municipal hospital, which directly affects the nursing class and technicians,” the communication begins.

Every community knows and recognizes the great work done by all the professionals who make health, whether public or private, everyone deserves due respect for the service of caring for the people. Everyone has their role and these professionals are central to an effective flow of care.”

Finally, the administration stated that Leanderson Andrade’s statements did not represent the administration and “contradict the mission of Jose Maria Filomeno Gómez Hospital”.

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a Diario do Nordest I contacted the man via social media and is waiting for a response.

The doctor is arrested for trying to cheat on the college entrance exam

In 2010, the Federal Public Ministry of Tocantins (MPF-TO) denounced the professional to the Federal Court for attempting to defraud the Medical college entrance examination from the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT).

At the time, Lyanderson Andrade was a medical student at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and received approx. 12 thousand Brazilian realsas well as transportation and accommodation, to take the exam in place of another candidate, using a bogus document.

Investigations by the Federal Police indicated that he and three other people were involved in the scheme. At that time, the doctor was arrested shortly after he left the test and taken to the police observer, where cough.

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