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The county does a recount and Miley’s group loses their Senate seat

The county does a recount and Miley’s group loses their Senate seat

The final result shows that the Massa group will have two seats in San Juan; La Libertad Avanza will only have one

The results of the recount of votes in the province of San Juan showed that Economy Minister Sergio Massa’s coalition “Por la Patria Union” will win the senators in the Argentine elections. Initially, the result awarded two seats to President-elect Javier Miley’s La Libertad Avanza party, and one seat to the MASA group in the region. But the final count showed a difference of 1,315 votes in favor of the Peronist Front.

According to the review conducted by the Electoral Tribunal of San Juan, after analyzing the 1,813 ballot boxes, the Union for the Fatherland received 155,266 votes (32.37%) for the Senate, while Miley’s coalition received 153,951 votes (32.10%).

Thus, the Maili group will have 7 senators in the Senate, and the Union Por la Patria will have 35 members.

Thus, the distribution of seats changed compared to the initial result on October 22, which indicated the victory of the Liberals in the region after 94% of the votes were counted. According to this count, La Libertad Avanza will have two seats in the Senate representing San Juan as of December 10, and the coalition of the current Economy Minister will have one seat.

Through the review, the Peronist seat will have two senators representing the province, while La Libertad Avanza will have one member.

The current governor of San Juan, Sergio Uniac, whose term ends this year, and La Campora Christian leader, María Celeste Jimenez, will be the UFP senators representing the province. Accountant Bruno Oliveira will occupy the liberal seat in the Senate.

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In the first round of elections, Argentine voters went to the polls to renew part of the country’s Congress. Voting took place for 130 seats out of 257 in the House of Representatives and 24 seats out of 72 in the Senate.

With the conclusion of the investigation, the number of MASA party members increased from 32 to 35 senators. Miley’s group now has 7 senators, one seat less than expected in the initial result, which gave 8 seats to the Libertarians and 34 to the Peronists. Coalitions need to elect at least 37 senators to obtain a majority in the Senate.

The president-elect’s coalition, which had only 3 seats, elected 38 deputies. The Union Por la Patria also lost space in the House of Representatives with 108 members of Congress, 10 fewer seats than the current government.

Although the “La Libertad Avanza” party did not win a majority of seats, representatives from the two largest right-wing coalitions will form the majority in Congress, with a total of 131 seats. The number of leftist deputies is 121 deputies. 6 other representatives are independent and do not have specific political orientations.