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The company is developing an “Invisibility Cloak” similar to Harry Potter

The company is developing an “Invisibility Cloak” similar to Harry Potter

According to information from Extra newspaper, a British company has turned fantasy into reality by creating an “invisible shield” inspired by the world of Harry Potter. London-based Invisibility Shield spent four years developing this revolutionary technology, with the aim of turning fictional superpowers into reality.

Tristan Thompson, designer of the Invisibility Shield, expressed his enthusiasm for the invention, stating that “the possibilities are endless” and that the shields are a lot of fun. He added that no one imagined the possibility of creating a functional invisible shield that could be wrapped and hung on the shoulder.

Image: Disclosure.

The shield works through an array of very large lenses precisely placed in front of the shield. The light is redirected and reflected by the person behind the shield, making it invisible to the observer on the other side. The shape and position of the shield allows backlighting from both sides to spread across the front of the shield, effectively masking what is behind it.

The innovative shields are available in three sizes: 20 cm high (R $ 342), 90 cm (R $ 2,085) and the 1.80 m long large shield (R $ 4,875), the latter “large enough to hide several people”. Each unit is waterproof, requires no batteries, and is made from 100% recyclable materials.

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